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Here's a list of different diaper brands which are mentioned in some of the stories. As well as a category, I'm putting a list at the top for quick reference.

  • SleepSafe - common brand of overnight diapers. Initially worn by Lindy in My Sister's Problem. Designed to look like regular underwear.
    • Allnights - Thicker and less discreet, but more absorbent than regular SleepSafe. Mentioned in Potty Genius and Over Protected. In some regions, this brand is sold as "Sleepsafe Allnight"; in others, the company only releases a single compromise range which are marked as "Allnights" without the SleepSafe branding.
  • BKS - premium ABDL diapers; the company has a dozen designs, and also does furniture
    • UltraThic - extra stiff, with inch thick padding. Designed to make it harder to move, most littles can't walk in them without practice and have to crawl.
    • Stealth - pastel babyish designs that are more discreet; these ones are made to look like boyshorts, with leg sections to make them seem less diaper-like at a casual glance. They are, however, lockable.
  • Girlzz - SleepSafe's main rival; a Peruvian brand now gaining market share around the world. Mentioned in Over Protected. Their parent company is a girls' fashion brand, so they were initially more successful than most brands with the "looks like real underwear" claim
    • Girlzz Classic
    • Girlzz Superior - These were initially marketed as making bedwetting less painful; they contained lysentripase crystals which reduce pain and have antibacterial properties when activated by moisture, advertised as reducing diaper rash. There was a little media attention when it was discovered that the chemicals could also make it harder for girls to gain control, and the recipe had to be drastically changed.
    • Big Girlzz - a range with designs inspired by current fashions among older teens, including some licensed merch for popular punk and speed metal bands. After some demand, Girlzz released non-absorbent versions of the same underwear designs.
  • Babij - introduced in Over Protected. This company makes medicated diapers, including all kinds of lysentripase drugs which can be absorbed through the skin. Commonly used by parents who want to regress their children.
  • Confidence - the most common brand of medical diapers. Very thick, but rather stiff, and white with primary colour accents (blue or green) to indicate the fit. Mostly prescribed to elderly patients; although Justina in The Dare that Changed my Life is prescribed them.

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