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Lysentripase also referred to as lys. drugs is the umbrella term for a variety of drugs originally marketed for treating diaper rash. Now they are mainly used by parents who intend to regress their teenage children.

Lysentripase drugs are first mentioned in the story Over Protected.

Most lys. drugs cause bedwetting or daytime wetting, some are Neuro-affective and inhibit critical thinking or increase suggestibility.

They are either a crystalline additive in the absorbent material of diapers, causing them to be absorbed through the skin when wet. Or included in the moisture of baby wipes to be absorbed through the skin on contact.

A wet diaper will deliver a full dose in about 20 minutes; while perspiration can be enough to deliver a 1% dose overnight. The wipes are supplied wet so a large dose can be applied by prolonged skin contact

Some people have a hormonal irregularity known as Familial Lysentripase Hypersensitivity, which causes them to be affected by one or all lysentripase variations.


Lysentripase short name Effects Other notes
Synthetic lysentripase LVX Marketed for preventing diaper rash, it has side effects of being a mild soporific/euphoric. It causes happiness and deeper sleep, combined with female puberty hormones, it also acts as a topical muscle relaxant, numbing the pelvic floor muscles. This causes bedwetting or after prolonged use even daytime wetting.
Synthetic bi-lysentripase LVX2 A refined form of LVX originally intended to treat severe rash, in combination with female puberty hormones it acts as a deep muscle relaxant and local anesthetic blocking the nerve signals of a full bladder. The required dose for notable loss of control is much smaller than regular LVX. A single dose can cause an accident even while awake.
Retaxial synthetic lysentripase STX Marketed for providing rash protection without the LVX side effects. While not causing wetting, it is neuroaffective, inhibiting critical faculties and causing a lightheaded feeling, the effects are enhanced by female puberty hormones but notable even without. STX increases suggestibility it is advised to keep affected teens away from bad influences.

When first introduced, ads claimed "a new synthetic lysentripase", and advertised it as not having the side effects of LVX. Because of this, people outside the Mothers' Hub forums generally refer to LVX as "lysentripase" and STX as "synthetic lysentripase", even though both are actually synthetic.

Carmaxidrene carm
Cyclo-orantectylene oran Believed to moderate the effects of STX. Some people say that adding oran to STX makes girls feel less disoriented but more suggestible. There haven't been any concrete studies on this. One of very few lysentripase-type molecules to exist in nature; orantectylene is similar to a protein found in the herb St Jeremy's Root.
Regressive lysentripase RG A slight variation of the basic lysentripase crystals; now supplied in active gel form for faster absorption. This can have a more potent effect, but doesn't build up as much as a background dose, and is harder to apply discreetly because the gel would be slightly tacky. Used in the Girlzz Again diapers, the first ones marketed explicitly to an ABDL audience, with the 'features' of the lysentripase explicitly stated.

Familial Lysentripase Hypersensitivity Syndrome

A genetic abnormality which makes a small fraction of people much more responsive to some lysentripases. People with FLHS might wet themselves after wearing a lysentripase diaper once or twice, and then take weeks to regain control. The big lawsuit California Mothers Support Group vs Girlzz Briefs Inc. was over the (then unexpected) effects of lysentripase diapers on a teen with FLHS.