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Over Protected

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Over Protected (originally titled Appropriate Protection) is a short story that Angel started writing in November 2022.

It is based on an idea posted in the Plot Babies book on Wattpad.


  • Mum lives with her two girls on Blissey Avenue; all the other kids in the neighbourhood (there aren't many) are girls
    • Alice is the narrator; a young girl who has an impressive vocabulary prompted by reading dictionaries after she wanted to beat her family in Scrabble
    • Sarah is Alice's older sister

Alice's Friends

  • Penny - tends to ask questions about the elephant in the room; never leaves something she doesn't know unsaid
  • Lyra Pembroke - smallest of the friends; short enough to sleep on the couch without curling up. Slightly insecure about her height. Contracts viral pubococcygitis near the start of the story
  • Lise - shy and nervous; might have a boyfriend, but isn't sure if she's reading between the lines correctly

Sarah's Friends

  • Madison - a classmate Sarah bullied a couple of years ago after she wet herself
  • Bella Langtree - a friend. Encouraged Sarah to rebel and start lying to her mum.
  • Scott Bluish - a friend. Possible romantic links to Bella; Sarah ends up acting as a kind of mediator whenever they have an argument. Mum thinks he's Sarah's boyfriend, which may be true nearer the end of the story

Others / Mentions

  • Aunt Petunia - gave Alice a Moleskine for her birthday
  • Tomas - the AI from Inside the Box. There's a smart speaker in Alice's room that she can use to turn the lights on and off. Possibly the rest of the house too.
  • Reggie - Alice's giant plush giraffe
  • Farah - Alice's ragdoll (and favourite doll)