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This wiki is for the novellas and short stories of Kitty Angel and Angel Raymond. The Angelverse is a home for all the stories which seem to be set roughly in the present day, and in a world that looks like the real world. Some minor characters might cross over between storylines, but otherwise there isn't anything big holding this universe together.

This wiki is mostly just to let the authors and editors keep track of all the characters and places in these stories; but if anyone else wants to write stories set here, you're welcome to join in :D

Most stuff will be in one of these categories:

  • Category: Stories - the stories. Most other pages will be a subpage of the story they appear in
  • Category: People - characters, major and minor. Those who only appear in one story will be subpages of it
  • Category: Places - Towns, cities, countries, parks, and all kinds of locations
  • Category: Media - In-universe movies, TV shows, magazines, and similar. This is where most of the crossover between stories will appear

Other useful pages (in progress; I'd really appreciate if anyone could update these to match the info from my stories):

  • Category: Cuddlies - I could do with some help building an index of characters' soft toys
  • Diapers are common, given the number of regression stories in this world
  • The stories are written in a variant of English which combines UK, US, and NZ forms