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Although the IRL ABDL community seems to have settled on the term Stuffies as a generic term for soft toys, the characters in these stories seem more likely to use Cuddlies.

I'll try to make a table here, as well as the category, so it's easier to find the names of the cuddlies in a particular story.

Story Owner Name Species Notes
Potty Genius Adrica Methplease Teddybear Named by a young Adrica who thought the name Mephistopheles sounded cool when she heard it, but could neither spell nor pronounce it
Junior Teddybear
My Sister's Problem Lindy Bosnia Gerbil One of two gerbils given to Lindy by her father when she was younger; one of the only cuddlies she still has, and the only one she has any sentimental attachment to
Originally Lindy's, now given to Sally Lincoln Teddybear First cuddly adopted by Sally when she started getting curious about TBDL
Sally Mr Muggins Teddybear A gift from Mum, to show that she accepts Sally's desire to be babied again
Over Protected Alice Reggie Giraffe Giant giraffe; was bigger than Alice when she first got him
Farah Ragdoll Alice's favourite doll after regression
Baby's First Wish Alice Mr Whiskers unknown A gift from Nikki
Big Little Bus Emily Edmund Teddy bear This teddy travels with the bus. There's a tradition among the littles that he has many different names, and tells a different one to each of his friends. Giving the teddy a new name is kind of like a badge of membership for the group
Unidentified boy Barneybear
Lindy Tony

Mr Beary

Juliet Elliot
N/A Percival the Unicorn Horse One of many toys to be found on the bus
The Littlest Intern Belle Carter Neighsayer Horse A giant horse, large enough that an actual child might have been able to ride it
The Littlest Spy Isadora Mr Sharkie Blåhaj Briefly mentioned as "the softest friend in the world", presumably out of Isadora's toys

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