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Baby's First Wish

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Baby's first wish was one of Angel's first efforts at getting AI to write a story. It was initially written using GPT-3 Ghostwrite, then continued with ChatGPT, and is going through editing with Sudowrite.

The story focuses on Alice, a doctoral student who worries that because her research is taking so long, she will be the oldest doctor by the time she graduates. Then she meets two gods in a dream; the baby and the reaper. And she finds that she can make herself younger overnight by making a wish, but it has the side effect of making her wet the bed. Once this has started, as long as some part of her is curious about being younger, any time she wets the bed will count as a repetition of the wish.


If anyone can fill in any details on these characters from the story as it evolves, that would be much appreciated. The characters should be listed here; I'll link to a composite version of them divided into groups, for the sake of the AI.