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Baby's First Wish/Characters

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Core Characters

Alice Bumble is a recently graduated doctor (of chemistry) who worries that she might be getting old and wishes to be younger. She regrets that she devoted too much time to her work and not enough to her friends when she first grew up. She has been attracted to Nikki for a few years, but never said anything because she was worried about the age difference. After discovering the magic to make herself younger, she becomes a child again and treats Nikki as her "Mummy".

Nikki Kleiner is one of Alice's closest friends from university. She is warm, nurturing, and always there for her loved ones. Nikki has a curvy figure and long, curly hair that she likes to keep tied up in a bun. She was originally a younger doctoral student. When Alice gets younger, Nikki starts to feel maternal towards her and invites her to move in.

University Friends

Derek and Aiden are two of Alice's closest friends from university. They are both brilliant researchers who are passionate about their work. Derek is tall with dark hair and piercing green eyes while Aiden has short, blond hair and a friendly smile.

Chris was a member of Nikki's research group at university. He is tall with short, dark hair and a serious demeanor. He is still continuing his doctoral studies.

Pippa was a member of Nikki's research group at university. is petite with curly brown hair and a bubbly personality. She is intrigued to hear about Alice's age regression, but initially didn't believe it. She was the youngest student in their group, and was referred to as a "child prodigy" before Alice became younger than her.

Nate was a member of Nikki's research group when they were at university. He graduated with a doctorate, but is now looking for a job in social work. He and Derek dated briefly in college, and are highly motivated individuals who share a love of science. Nate has a lean build and an easygoing nature.


(after chapter 16)

Ms. Gorsky is Alice's teacher. She is quite strict, but only because she cares about the kids she is in charge of.

Lucy Fisher, Mia Benedict, and Tessa Johnson are three girls at Alice’s school after chapter 16 of Baby's First Wish. They have known each other since kindergarten, and when they are talking among themselves they often finish each other’s sentences. They are all extremely shy, but have found that if one of them acts as a spokesperson for the group, they are more confident in making new friends. In conversation they often finish each other's sentences, and the only time they are ever speechless is when they aren't together.

Emily Burscole is one of Alice’s new friends in high school. She dreams of being a fashion designer when she is older.

Ethan Portroyd is one of Alice’s classmates in high school after chapter 16 of Baby's First Wish. After finishing middle school he spent a year in Japan where his father was working, before starting high school when he returned. He loves to tell stories about his time in Japan, but these are often highly embellished, and include him meeting pop stars, samurai, and even Gojira. He has a mop of unruly curls, and hazel eyes that sparkle with mischief.

Sarah Hammersmith is one of Alice's school friends. She isn't so good at math, but has a hidden talent for art and will turn out to be an amazing illustrator once she has an excuse to try drawing.

Lily Narcissus is a member of Alice's class when she restarts school after her first regression. Lily is a transgender girl, and decided to introduce herself using her chosen name on the first day of school; she is not actually out to her parents yet, and hasn't gone through any formal process to identify as a girl, but Ms. Gorsky had already shown that she will support students' attempts to define their own identity.

Patrick Banyard is a boy in Alice's class in high school.

Nigel Cane is a boy in Alice's class when she goes to high school after her first regression. When introducing himself to the class, he said that his hobbies include sleeping. We get the impression that this is the most interesting thing about him.


Mr Whiskers is Alice's soft toy

Miss Warburton (Edna) is one of the people who organizes the residents association in Nikki's apartment complex. She has blue-grey hair pulled back in a tight bun, and is serious about everything; but thinks children aren't worth talking to.

Max Dameesh is a research chemist who studied pharmacology with Nikki. Max and Nikki dated briefly, but realized that it didn’t really work. He was in some classes with Alice at university, but they didn’t know each other well. Max and Nikki remained good friends, and exchanged emails after he graduated. He is now working for a major pharmaceutical company. He supplied Nikki with samples of a pill called Sophlaze, a sleep aid which he was working on until the project was canceled because it causes bedwetting.