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Potty Genius

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A story based on an idea in Plot Babies. Angel started writing this story for NaNoWriMo 2022, after votes and recommendations from people on Patreon.


Some stuff that I might need to refer to later.

  • Adrica listens to Gaye Valley FM, which has a show called the Workday Wakeup playing "a mix of classic rock and European new wave"
  • Adrica's soft toys include two teddy bears called Junior' and Methplease
  • The County Bonsai! League meets in Ghottwood on the last Tuesday of every month.


  • Adrica and her parents live on a little cul-de-sac off Marill Street.
    • The nearest bus stop is on the corner of Marill Street and Bayleef Avenue. The number 420 bus comes every ten minutes during the day, going to:
  • Ellisberg is the nearest town; it's quite small, but has all the shops most people would need to go to.
    • The main shopping district has gotten bigger and flashier over the last decade, expanding beyond the original town centre
    • One old shopping street is Fletchling Alley
      • Three or four storey buildings on all sides
      • The icon of a bow and arrow is engraved in a lot of stonework, indicating that it used to run along the back of a major guild building
      • The shops are old; cared for, but the residents there are mostly old family businesses who can't afford any kind of renovation. Old shops with small windows, stone and brick facades. They include:
        • a bakery, run by a man who it was said woke at five every morning to start preparing the daily bread
        • a tiny tea room decorated with oak panels two hundred years old
        • two artisanal cheesemongers who made a big show of their rivalry but were really the best of friends outside work (and actually owned by the same family, since the current owners' parents had a rivals-to-lovers story forty years ago)
        • three bookshops with their own specialties, but all relying mostly on used book sales to stay in business
        • a candlemaker
        • a tobacconist that always smelled of exotic spices
        • a place specialising in mediæval weapons for reenactment groups, nor branching out into LARP weapons
        • a dozen more shops with names like ‘Chormondley and Sons’, which are well known within the niche interest that unites their customers, but give very little sign what they sell
        • Mazzer's - A second hand clothes store, which Adrica can't walk past without buying something
  • Meldham Woods - somewhere Adrica used to go exploring as a kid; near their home
  • Lairon Crescent - a street near Adrica's home, reached by turning left out of the house and walking for five minutes.
    • Lairon Arcade - a tiny shopping mall that takes up one side of Lairon Crescent. It has about 10 shops between Swaggery and Pizza Yurt, including a tiny regional supermarket called Mr Santa's.
  • Moistville University - where Adrica is going


  • Adrica - the main character
    • Ste Lewis - a school friend (mentioned)
    • Naomi Blaze - a school friend (mentioned) who had a bedwetting problem for a while, and was teased by Adrica
    • Claire - one of Adrica's school friends who now works at Mr Santa's
  • Adrica's parents (as yet unnamed)
  • Uncle Stefan - the only graduate in her immediate family, a little more financially successful than most of the clan. Has three kids, triplets, who have stretched his budget to the limit in the last 3 years:
    • Joy
    • Honour
    • Vision
    • They were expecting twins, and had picked the names Joy and Honour. They were surprised to find they had triplets; and after observing that the names they had chosen were both the name of songs from the album Praise the Fallen, their mother decided to choose another track name for the third child. Stefan accepted 'Vision' as an acceptable name, after vetoing both 'Burnout' and 'Solitary'.
  • Dr Theodore Abbott - a hypnotist