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Britney Wakefield

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One of Adi's best friends in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!. Initially described as Adi's best friend (chapter 3)

In The Dare that Changed my Life, it is revealed that Britney is trying to set up an ABDL munch so the littles on campus at Moistville can get in touch with each other. This is in Justina's final year at university, which seems to be Adi and Britney's first year.

Britney later shows up as Dr Theo's receptionist in Potty Genius.


Contagiously joyful. Her voice is "filled with sunshine and rainbows". (chapter 3)

She uses nicknames for almost everyone close to her. The exception is Adi, who has never seemed to understand what they are for. For people she doesn't know that well (including [[../Belle Carter/]], who thinks she needs 'help' to be popular because of her unusual fashion sense), she more often uses surnames.


She is a cheerful goth, following a lot of bubbly bimbo stereotypes but with goth fashions. She is described in chapter 3 as being tall, and it is mentioned that Adi doesn't think her black and white makeup suits her.


She felt that she was lagging behind her friends Adi and [[../Toni/]] when they started in school, so put a lot of effort into studying so she could understand the things that were second nature to the two geniuses. Eventually, she discovered a real talent for research. By studying efficiently, she can pick up a new subject very fast, and is very good at finding the best resources to learn from. This may mean that in practical terms, she is the most capable of the three when it comes to learning something new.

Relationships (HDWLT)

  • Lives with her mum (chapter 3)
  • Mentions dad in chapter 3, but it's not clear if he's still around.

At University

  • Britney went to Moistville University, and lived in the room next to Adi for 2 years before moving in with new friends from her course.
  • Britney met Theodore Abbott when they both auditioned on impulse for an emo punk band formed by a couple of Adi's classmates. Neither of them got in the band, but they became good friends.
  • After graduating, Britney and Theo moved to Ellisberg, where they are trying to set up a hypnosis business. Theo knows how to hypnotise people, Britney has all of the other skills.