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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!

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A story started on Jan 25th, 2019. Based on another Wattpad story, which had an interesting concept but was almost unreadable due to head-hopping first person, inconsistent tenses, and similar issues.

This version is the story of an almost-adult girl (who may be adult before the story ends). Kitty Angel is writing it without any proper planning, experimenting with the half-improvised style that seems to be popular on Wattpad, and with posting one or more chapters every day.

On Wattpad, the story is broken up into 3 volumes because of the 200-chapter limit. It is divided into books of 200 chapters each. The print and Kindle versions will be similarly broken up, although the breaks will occur around chapters 166 and 340. The titles of the 3 volumes are:

  1. Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!
  2. Hypnosis Still Doesn't Work Like That!
  3. Hypnosis Won't Change Me Like That!!


  • POV character: Adelaide Juniper Spenser - Mostly known as Adi. Has also been Adele, Della, or other variations at different times in her life. Huge ego, thinks she's smarter than everyone else. Never learns anything because she's so sure she knows better than everyone; falling behind in school. First appears in chapter 1.
    • Garfield - Adi's brother (or half-brother?). Usually called Garf. More successful, and starts the story on a foreign holiday with his father. First mentioned in chapter 12; first appears in chapter 53.
      • Jack Dibble - Garfield's friend and later boyfriend
      • Caitlyn Flood - an older friend, and the one who gets them in trouble most often
    • Adi's mom (Nyxoriña Spenser) - somewhat absent-minded. Works long hours, tries to be her daughter's friend but has no idea how to talk to her. Does a really good breakfast. First mentioned in chapter 1; first appears in chapter 4.
      • Grandma Jacobs - Adi's grandmother, presumably Nyx's mother. Died when Adi was young. Used to call her "Addykins".
      • Uncle Berenstein - Nyx's brother. They used to argue a lot. Mentioned in chapter 56
  • Mr Bøzinger - Nyx's boss at one of her jobs.
  • Britney Wakefield - One of Adi's best friends. Cheerful bubbly goth. Wears goth clothes, acts like a stereotypical goth, but is really a lot smarter than anyone realises, especially Adi. First mentioned in chapter 2; first appears in chapter 3.
    • Lucretia (Lucie) and Sasha – two of Britney's goth friends (chapter 351)
  • Toni Walker - Muscular tomboy with a crush on Adi. Britney's "sidekick" (Adi doesn't get this in-joke, and it drives her nuts), and third member of the group of friends at the start of the book. Has an epi-pen in her bag; Britney and Adi have taken a class on how top use it, possibly some other friends too.
    • More detailed descriptions of many of Toni's family can be found in chapter 226.
    • Giselle is briefly mentioned (chapter 362) as Toni's ex.
    • Hendrik Walker - One of Toni's brothers. Has a nice car, which she borrows in chapter 40
    • Pea Walker - Toni's dad. Fairly well-off, works away from home a lot.
    • Uncle Jürgen - Toni's uncle, who's been known to stay for months at a time.
      • Harry - Jürgen's son, often stays at the same time. Loves cooking. Real name Hansel, but prefers Harry because he doesn't like to stand out.
    • Uncle Walt - Another uncle known to stay on occasion, but less frequently
      • Sherwood Goldings - nee Walker. Toni's cousin; not sure who his father is. When he married bf Alan Dale, there was some dispute between the families about which name they should take. They settled it by making up a new surname, which is some kind of private (possibly dirty) joke between them
    • Uncle Vladislaus - mentioned in chapter 244
      • John Ryland - a 'fixer', something to do with organised crime, who works with Toni's family. Described chapter 421
    • Casey Dibble - a biker friend, brother of Jack. Known to supply drugs
  • Teachers
    • Miss Featherchase - Adi's literature teacher. Old fashioned, super strict, and not open to new ideas. Refers to students by full name. Nose looks like a beak, and her shriek of anger sounds almost like an eagle. Toni refers to her as "Leatherface".
    • Miss Catterton - Maths teacher. One of the younger teachers, has some respect from her students. Approaches them like friends until they break the rules. First mentioned in chapter 6.
    • Mr Kibblesmith - Geography teacher. Addresses students as "You" and points rather than learning their names
    • Mrs Ivanovic - Known to use the school's courtyards for a crafty cigarette between lessons
  • Dean Carter - Possible romantic lead, if the story gets that far. A student at the college Adi wants to go to. First mentioned (though not by name) in chapter 33, first appears in chapter 36, and first named in chapter 69.
    • Belle Carter - Popular girl, queen bitch. Not clear if she's really the bully Adi thinks of her as. Captain of the volleyball team. Calls Adi "Juniper", which Adi thinks is mocking. First appears in chapter 1.
  • Lady Larsen - The hypnotist who made the files. May possibly be the same Lars mentioned in the Big Little Bus, adopting a female pseudonym.
  • Claire Keating - A student at Juiban High, mentioned chapter 277. Says she's going to be a TV weatherman. Good at geography; did a group project with Adi and Britney.
  • Kirkson - Possibly a cop or a social worker. Works at the Schwingford police station; is handling the missing person case after Adi vanished.
  • Moistville College staff
    • Dr Lupus - Student disability advisor. Meeting with Nyx to make sure the campus is a safe place for Adi.
    • Marina Oakenclough - Tall woman with red hair. Only her students and subordinates call her "Professor" because they're the ones who need to be most respectful. Head of Foundation Studies, so in charge of everything on foundation day.
    • Annabelle and Cherri were the guides on Adi's campus tour
    • Professor Rosewood - former psychology lecturer, also a student mental health consultant.
    • Dr Horace "Dutch" Elminster - ginger hair, wears a comb-over in an attempt to stop his bald spot getting sunburned whenever he visits his brother's beach house. It never works. Introduced but not named in chapter 76
    • Professor Beach - Head of the media sciences faculty
    • Professor Firestone - First name Amidala. Tall, dark hair. Speaks very deliberately with a trace of a French accent. Honorary professor as she doesn't technically have a role in an academic department. Responsible for the intake of students with special needs. Refers to Adi as "Miss Spenser" when they first meet. Quite formal.



  • Schwingford - the town where Adi's school is
    • Leonard Juiban High School
      • Grimer Street - goes past the back of the school. There's a gate where students can get onto a car park, but one of the janitors is supposed to check of ID on entry.
      • Growlithe Road - street at the front of the school. Access for vehicles is staff only, but there's a long stretch of kerb where many students are dropped off or catch the bus
    • The Miller Arcade - A small shopping arcade two streets away from Toni's house. Includes:
      • Samedi's - A supermarket, at one end of the arcade. Sign declares it to be the largest branch in the chain.
      • Dominic's Pizza Yurt - at the other end of the arcade. Pretty fancy restaurant with an odd smell of incense
      • Baby Bonanza - Decorated almost entirely in pastel pinks and yellows; sells everything baby related (chapter 20)
      • Wulf, Wellspring & Sons - Pharmacy
    • Weepinbell Avenue - where Toni lives. Pretty nice neighbourhood
    • Cacturn Crescent - where Belle lives. Small, but central. Close to the park
  • Duzcheburg - A small town on the outskirts of Schwingford. Where Adi and Britney live.
    • Duzcheburg All Angels church - big building, notable landmark. On the boundary of the town's residential areas, so Toni won't ride her bike fast until she's passed it (when coming from Adi's house)
    • Chansey Street - On Mom's way home from work. She often stops there for takeout from one of several places. First mentioned in chapter 4.
      • Ting Ling Wang's - Chinese restaurant on. Huge portions, Adi's mom gets one curry for two people at times. First mentioned in chapter 5.
      • Fonzzoecciano's - A pretty posh Italian restaurant. Favourite restaurant of Vicky Bracewell. Poshest place on the block, but really only a little fancy. Quite expensive, but the food is good and the portions are decent. Some people call it "Frog Nancies" because of the somewhat hard to read cursive signwriting out front. It's one of those that you can tell what it says, but you can see it as Frog Nancies if someone put the idea in your head.
      • There's a taco truck often parked on the corner with Gardevoir Avenue.
    • Raikou Crescent - Where Adi lives. Grey-brown stucco walls. Tiny strips of front garden, more likely gravel than grass
    • The Mercer Centre is about a half-hour drive away (at least at the speeds Toni drives, which may be a little over the limit)
      • There are shops named Sheer (where Toni expects to get accessories for Adi's smart outfit) and Dābs (which is in the same area)
      • There's an Onix Square entrance, which is a good place to stop for a snack.
      • There's also a Lairon Square.
    • The Merlinson Arcade is where Britney spends a lot of time when she wants to get away from her parents. It has a small cafe.
    • Graveller Road - near Adi's house, winding road that goes between quarries and factories. Stops as Duzcheburg Station.
  • Moistville - a short train ride from Duzcheburg; if Adi is still living at home she'd have to get Mom to drive her to the station every morning.
    • Moistville College - Dean is a student there, and Adi is applying. First mentioned in chapter 36
      • Parts of the college map are colour coded, and the signposts (many of them built into fountains or sculptures) are mostly colour coded. The area around Zahl Building is buttercup yellow.
      • Note: buildings are named after famous generals (real and fictional). Parks are named after Kamen Riders.
    • Lots of description in chapter 62
    • Two courtyards are Sylveon Square (where the Hammond Building is) and Glaceon Square
    • Custer Building has a lot of residences; Zahl Building has most of the theatres and some editing suites for characters doing media studies.
    • The Maverick Centre is on Arceus Road.
    • The Peckem Building is where Adi will end up living. It's a 'blush pink' on the map, and the lobby is done out in the same colours. It's the main residence block for students with special needs who don't want to be right next to their classes, and most rooms can be adapted for different needs.
    • Gaim Park is one of several parks around the city centre. It's made up of small groups of trees, with gravel paths winding across the grass between them. A place where a lot of people can meet without seeming like a growd. Has an amenities block with toilets and coin-operated showers (for joggers); and a kiosk selling tofu burgers.
    • Hux Tower A building near Gaim Park which houses a number of college administrative offices. Where Adi went for her interview.
  • K-World - A theme park that takes an hour or two to drive to; the nearest one to Duzcheburg.
  • Kolechia - A foreign nation (foreign in the sense of being a different fictional country from the one in which the main story takes place) in which Belle and Dean own a remote cottage that once belonged to their great-grandfather; they used to go there trying to fix it up. Native language: Kolechian (written Kolechian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so perhaps it is Russia-adjacent).
  • Online - The story universe has an Internet much like the real world's
    • CritMass - AKA Critical Mass, a criticism website that Adi, Dean and Britney are all on, under aliases. First mentioned in chapter 2.
    • Leonard Juiban High School's website


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