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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Dean Carter

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Possibly romantic interest (or at least crush) for Adi in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!.

Dean is the older brother of Belle Carter, and a student at Moistville College. When he was younger he played on the Leonard Juiban High School basketball team, and was idolised by his little sister. Now he plays basketball at college, but isn't good enough for the college team.

He has an easy-going attitude which might come off as uncaring sometimes. When listening to someone else's problems he often sounds dismissive, but he will do whatever he can to help them. He just doesn't make a big deal about it. This was the cause of the rift between him and Belle.


Majoring in decision and game theory, basing his studies around sports psychoilogy. Will talk the ear off anyone who'll listen to him on that subject, but realises that most people either aren't interested in any more than his body, or won't take him seriously.


Height: 6'4" Well muscled, but athletic rather than bulky. Hair swept back in a style that's almost but not quite a mullet. A jaw you could crack rocks on.