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Under One Roof

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A story being written by Angel for Camp NaNoWriMo 2024.

The main plot is about two step siblings, Tegan Spanner and Ness Milankovic, who find themselves living together after their fathers begin a romantic relationship.


  • Tegan Spanner - Main POV character. She has grown up being bullied by three older brothers, which gave her a defensive, confrontational attitude which generally led to many people disliking her at school. She is determined to humiliate Ness in some way, as she believes it is the only way to keep him from bullying her.
    • Drew Spanner - Tegan's father.
    • Tegan's mother - the kind of person who wears a new engagement ring for a week before telling her husband that she's been cheating on him and wants a divorce
  • Ness Milankovic - Second main character. Practically a recluse following the death of his mother. He is terrified of caring about anyone because he never wants to feel that loss again; so avoids making friends and often refuses to talk even to his father.
    • Logan Milankovic - Ness's father. He's been grieving for a long time, but might finally be ready to start a new relationship.

People who will eventually join Ness's band