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Cynthie Vandeboom

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The original manager and drummer of alt-rock band Franklin's Muse. She knew that they were going to succeed some day, so even when the band broke up following the ill-fated "Best Coast Tour", she insisted on keeping track of the music shops and pawnbrokers to whom all of their instruments had been sold. After most of the members had become famous in other bands (and Vandeboom herself had become a well-known music producer as well as starring in a rock opera loosely based on That Boy), she set out to reform the band for one reunion concert; and was surprised to find that several of the people who now owned their old instruments were incredibly talented; and her getting in touch with them eventually led to the formation of tribute band Franklin's Understudy.

Vandeboom was the first member to play with both Muse and Understudy; although Gattac soon followed.