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That Boy

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A TV show, watched by the Bernstein sisters in My Sister's Problem.

It seems to be some kind of period drama set in a Scottish boarding school in the year 1912. Most of the pupils are upper-class English, which brings them into conflict with the few local scholarship boys, who are treated more as slaves than classmates. The main story is a bullies-to-lovers plot, with the popular rich boy who picks on one of the locals for his supposed feminine behaviour in an attempt to deny his attraction to the boy. The protagonist, actually the initial victim's best friend, is referred to only as 'That boy' (by both teachers and bullies) for the first two episodes; a stylistic choice that resulted in several fanfic authors guessing at his name. One character, the Headmaster, is known to gesture pointedly with a cane, and uses it at the slightest excuse. One of the prefects is played by Emlyn Beaker.

There was later a rock-opera which toured before releasing a movie; loosely inspired by the original series, and turning Cynthie Vandeboom into a household name even among non-metalheads.