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Franklin's Muse

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A band, which Adi is a big fan of. They had one brief tour, the 'Best Coast Crisis Tour', which ended prematurely when their budget ran out. They were the first band Adi saw live.

The bass player was Althea Johanssen. She also sings (as do all band members), but not on every track. She has a remarkable voice, with a talent for pitch control in higher ranges. When she resigned she sold her guitar to a local music shop, where it remained unsold for nearly two years before Toni got it for Adi's birthday.

One of Adi's favourite songs is Cradle of Sacred Dreams, which is a little melancholy. It includes several solos for both bass and keyboard, giving Gattac and Johanssen solos to bookend their intense duet.


Their first album had eleven tracks, including:

  • Cradle of Sacred Dreams
  • Ballad of the Jester's Faith
  • Melancholy and Ivory Towers
  • The Golden Sarcophagus
  • Dances with Eternity



The band stopped playing together after the problems with their first attempt at touring, but they never lost their desire to succeed. All of the members later joined or founded much more successful acts. Because of their financial problems, most of them ended up selling their instruments to pawnbrokers, but Cynthia was sure that they would come back to claim them, and so insisted that the others leave some distinctive mark by which their instruments could be recognised, and kept in touch with the various shop owners so she could track the instruments as they were sold again and again. Almost ten years after the band had originally dissolved, she went to see the condition of the instruments with the intention of buying them back and trying to reform the band for a single reunion show. However, she found that all of them (except for Warren's rock clarinet, which remains untraceable) were in the hands of true fans who she felt deserved their piece of history.

An unexpected twist came when the owners of the bass (Adelaide Walker) and drums (Tegan & Ness Spanner) started putting in their own research effort and managed to meet up, forming a tribute band. They named their group Franklin's Understudy, and have stated that it is their aim to get all of the original instruments back, together with the people who have acquired them (at least if they can play well enough to be worthy of a place in the band)