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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Caitlyn Flood

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A neighbour and close friend of Jack Dibble, Caitlyn is willing to let the rest of the neighbourhood assume they are dating in order to conceal both Jack and Garfield's embarrassment about their nascent relationship, and her own lack of interest in guys. Caitlyn might be ace, but isn't sure.

She has unruly red hair, that always wants to curl when it's short and then get into tangles if she lets it grow. She doesn't let it grow too long.

She is old enough to drive, but not old enough to drink or smoke. She might be able to pass for older than she is, but most shops won't serve her without ID. This has been a lot easier recently, as she looks a lot like Adi. About a month before Adi's birthday, Garfield figured out that Caitlyn could buy alcohol/smoking paraphernalia for them if he lent her his sister's ID and told her to hold it with her thumb over the date in order to present only the year. There's enough retailers in the area who are happy to accept that, because they reason that making a big deal over a couple of months is dumb and they know it could be seen as an honest mistake if they get inspected.

She is spiritual but not religious, and believes in a whole bunch of new-age mysticism. She sometimes does vision quests using salvia, often at isolated places deep in nature. This means that she is happy to drive Jack and Garfield to some secluded viewpoint and leave them in her car for a couple of hours while she takes a walk in the woods. Jack usually gives her payment in marijuana for this assistance. It's not clear if he knows (or even considers) what she's doing with the time. It benefits them both really, as Caitlyn's mother is more tolerant of her staying out late if he thinks he knows who she's with.