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The Dare that Changed my Life

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A story that Angel recently started writing, detailing the first newsworthy incident with Lysentripase drugs. This is the case that resulted in the semi-famous lawsuit against Girlzz.


Main character

  • Justina - the main character; a recent high school graduate who loves to torment her brother.

The Friends

  • Justinye - Justina's twin brother, an easygoing type who will go along with just about anything, which infuriates his little sister and leads to her calling him a baby
  • Colin - a school friend of both, who is hosting a sleepover for the start of the story
  • Riley Kwyn - a tough enby who recently started hanging out with a local biker gang - this is 6-8 months before the start of Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!
  • Merle Parker - always wears a hoodie; obsessed with an MMORPG called Saviors of Everspring
  • Sienna Jordan - Merle's ex (briefly); an artistic joker. The friends sometimes speculate that she was named after her skin tone (though there's some debate about how accurate this is)


  • Auntie Ida - an older lady who delights in formal gatherings of the large extended family
    • Cousin Franz - Ida's son, Justina's eldest cousin. A driving instructor and target shooting enthusiast. Now lives in Langerton.
      • Cody - Franz's daughter, who attended Tokyo University a couple of years ago, but could still pass for 16.
  • Aldin - Colin's stepbrother
  • Gwen Jordan - Sienna's mother

Moistville people

  • The doctor - Doctor in Justina's building; older middle aged guy, tends to push his glasses up his nose as an emphatic gesture, or lower them slightly to look at people over the top of them. Salt and pepper moustache.
  • Prof Alderan - one of Justina's lecturers
  • Prof Hollywell - one of Justina's lecturers; and the world's greatest expert in his field
  • Elian - lives in the room next door to Justina. Works out in the building's gym. Justina fancies him but is too embarrassed to say so
  • Josef - Elian's gym buddy
  • Jasper - A teaching assistant on Justina's law course in her second year, who is also a practising lawyer. He is the main lawyer for the major California Mothers Support Group v Girlzz Briefs Inc lawsuit.

Friends of Friends

California Mothers Support Group

An informal group on FriendSpace (later forming an offshoot on the Mothers' Hub forums), intended so that parents involved in the Girlzz Superior trial have a forum to talk about their experiences.

  • Mitch - The first CMSG member to meet Justina, after being introduced by Colin.
    • Francine - Mitch's unseen wife
    • Sophie - Younger daughter of Mitch and Francine; she'd mostly stopped bedwetting when her parents joined the Girlzz Superior trial, but she seems to have regressed in the two years she was wearing them
    • Ellie - Mitch and Francine's elder daughter. She is now fourteen, and has been wearing Girlzz Superior for 2 years.
  • Pauli Doa - A middle-manager at Girlzz Briefs Inc who was pushed into infiltrating the CMSG to find out what they knew about lysentripase safety.