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Saviors of Everspring

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Saviors of Everspring is a massively multiplayer online fantasy game; mostly played on PC, although there are also phone apps which provide some alternative minigames. In order to max out all crafting skills, it is necessary to play the game (at different times) on every platform.

Notable features of the game are the fact that it has a realistic economic and ecological model; there are mods called "mutations" which are randomly applied to wandering monsters, giving them some benefit or disadvantage, and sometimes altering their stats. It is possible for players to wipe out all monsters in an area, meaning that certain quests will be suspended or replaced by alternates until a new breeding population can be established. Given the number of NPCs who want goblin teeth, for example, some players have formed informal groups who work together to protect baby goblins from other parties, in order to avoid local extinction events. And the combination of mutations means that players are actually participating in the evolution of monster races: although it was never intended to work like that, there are people herding goblins of kobolds with particular mutations together, corralling them in a particular cave or valley, and killing only offspring that don't show the mutation, on order to selectively breed traits they like.

Similarly, the game's merchants and traders will pass on messages to each other, and adjust prices based on what the players want to buy. If there is a lot of demand for particular items in a certain area, messages will be sent out between NPCs, and there will be shipments of goods (which can be ambushed) from areas with more of the resources necessary to craft those items; or where there are NPCs with the ability to make them. After a certain number of ambushes (whether by bandits, monsters, or players), new quests will be offered by the various guilds, asking for heroes to guard the transport caravans. And the availability of goods in some towns will depend on their aggregate success.

Characters mentioned as playing the game so far include Merle in The Dare that Changed my Life.

The game has a 'target selection' AI, which ensures that you will automatically target the most obvious target when selecting an attack ability. However, sometimes in encounters where there are two player parties colliding while fighting a monster mob, the AI can start selecting the wrong target. The typical example is that your target switches between the nearest members of the other party, ignoring the monster that is currently killing you. After a notable example of this bug involving a popular streamer, targeting and other AI bugs (such as an NPC escort mission being ruined by the guarded NPC walking off a cliff) are colloquially known as being "assraped by lizardmen" or "sodomised by lizardmen". The original bug has been fixed now, but the term remains to refer to any case when a party fails a quest because of the (real or imagined) artificial stupidity of NPCs or assist systems.

Everspring Merchant's Guild

This guild appears as a major quest-giving organisation, but later in the story mode, you can find out that they are actually the closest the setting has to a purely evil organisation. All factions in the war are prioritising the wellbeing of their own people; but only the Grand Merchant (leader of the guild) has resorted to a campaign of propaganda and lies to get people to fight against their own best interests. The guild name is not an error.

This leads to another incomprehensible piece of game jargon, with regular players using "not an error" as a euphemism for gaslighting or narcissism.