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Big Little Bus

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The Big Little Bus is a story by Kitty Angel, posted on Wattpad and as a series of 3 books on Kindle/paperback (volume 1 out so far).

It's about a bus for littles and adult babies. The Big Little Bus Company runs several routes, all of which are multi-day loops with busses running in both directions. So it's possible to get a tour going out and returning home, of several different lengths. All of the tours stop at Hotel Academia, a popular hotel in a casino city, which has a boarding-school theme overall, but a littles creche on the top floor.

The Big Little Bus Company

The bus is large and luxurious. The windows have a special reflective treatment so that from the outside you see only glare. Both the windows and seats are a little higher than normal, which is one of the first details to help passengers feel small.

The insides of the bus were painted with all kinds of cute animals, including snakes that criss-crossed over the windows. There was thick carpet on the floor, in pink and yellow stripes. Nothing was grey, nothing was black except the outlines around the cartoon characters. Everything was friendly bright and pastel colours, from brightly-upholstered seats to the rainbow seat belts.

There are child seats at the back of the bus, and regular seats with booster cushions in the middle. Each row is built to a slightly different scale, and the floor and ceiling slope slightly irregularly, so that it messes with your sense of perspective from inside, making everything look larger than it is. None of the lines are actually straight; even the sides of the buss bow out slightly, having some separation between the inner and outer layers.

The logo on each side of the bus has the letters "BLB" in a starburst, with the second B stylised as part of an hourglass image.

The caretakers on board the bus have a blue and white uniform that could easily be taken for a nurse, or possibly a teacher at some more formal preschool. The uniform includes a name badge that gives the first name only; the company tries not to schedule people with the same name on the trip, and also not to put staff members on the same trip as a passenger with the same name, in order to avoid confusion.

the changing room includes a vending machine with below the changing table, that clunks and makes the whole table shake when it dispenses a diaper. One of the designs in there is a shiny white fabric (super crinkly), printed with parallel lines of cutesy spaceships.

Littles have their drinks served in cups with their little names printed on the side. These are just the right size to hold in both hands, making the passengers feel a little smaller. The company can have these made in a couple of days, but if someone with an unusual name joins the tour less than 24 hours before departure from Academia, they will get a cup that says 'baby' or 'good girl' instead. The cups have bold, poofy letters in pink, green, blue, or yellow. They are double-walled cups, with flowers and the name printed in the air gap so that they can't be scratched off. The cups also have detachable handles for older littles, and a teat that can be swapped out for a sippy cup lid. these lock on and need a magnet to remove, so there's no chance of a little spilling anything. Emily and Juliet both have pink cups.


People on the bus in this story include:

  • POV character (first person): Emily Chattel - tomboy in normal life, more girly as a littly. Hypnotic suggestions to change headspace when referred to by a different name. Emma (adult) / Emily (little) / Emmy (baby)
  • Love interest: Rob - also the owner and founder of the Big Little Bus Company
  • Lady Maxime mommy domme, professional voice actor, hypnofile creator. Accompanied by her poly family:
    • Juliet Brave - bratty little, or outspoken punk girl
    • Reggie - First appears as Juliet's Daddy, then as a baby
  • Passengers named but not described:
  • Marge - One of the bus's stewards
  • Amy - Another member of staff. Only a little older than Emma, and more playful than Marge's "strict headmistress" role
  • Erik - The driver on this tour
  • Edmund - a teddy bear, who according to little lore has an infinite number of different names. He speaks, but only littles can hear his voice, and when he tells you his name it won't be the same name he told anyone else. Knowing his name is like a badge of membership, the hurdle that tells all the other littles to accept you.
    If anyone else sees where I referred to him as a giraffe, please let me know so I can fix it. —Angel Wedge (Author talk) 15:31, 3 August 2020 (UTC)
  • Lindy Caulder - a little girl introduced around chapter 40. Really curious.

Unnamed Characters described

  • Two people younger than Emma, maybe students or recent graduates. Wearing the punky-goth fashions that seem to be popular among college-age people right now (joined in chapter 34)
  • A guy in a casual suit, seems new to all this. (joined in chapter 34)
  • Girl in a tie-dyed dress that comes down to her knees, decorated with more scarves than Emma had ever seen in one place (joined in chapter 34)


The bus has so far been described as stopping at Wandsville (Emily's home town; chapter 1), Schwingford (day 1, chapter 16), and Wallingsburg (day 2, chapter 30) It is mentioned in chapter 3 that Juliet and Reggie came aboard in Hartford.


  • Text messages denoted with guillemets. Message in oblique type with the guillemets for Wattpad; possibly monospace or sans for book release. Rob's texts are always spelled and punctuated correctly, Emma's are less readable.