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Bureau of Kidult Services

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A company manufacturing and selling all kinds of ageplay stuff. From childish fashions in adult sizes, to ABDL diapers, and even custom-made adult cribs, high chairs, and outside play equipment (scaled-up climbing frames and swingsets) in areas where they have a contract with a trusted joiner.

They typically supply a cute sticker or badge with each order, slowly growing in fanciness the more stuff a customer has bought from them in the past. Some of these are limited edition, and there is a small collectors' market, but none of the company's official literature mentions them. So there's huge interest on certain forums whenever someone notices they have a new design. Vicky Bracewell has one on her purse. These always include the company logo, which displays a circular rainbow, a sandglass running backwards, and a screwdriver. But they have no text on, so someone who isn't familiar with the company will never know what it represents.

They often refer to themselves as BKS; their employees are informally described as 'Bikkies'.

They have a considerable range of diapers available, including many that reference different trends in baby diaper design from different eras. Particular ranges include:

  • UltraThic
  • Stealth