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Babij are a company making diapers and baby wipes. Their stylised logo could easily be misread as 'Babÿ'. The correct pronunciation is something like "Bab-eesh".

Babij diapers are first mentioned in the story Over Protected.

They make a whole range of products, many of which are medicated with various lysentripase variants. Along with Girlzz, they are the main manufacturer of diapers catering to parents who want to regress their children. The drugs are designed to be absorbed through the skin on baby wipes; or are included as crystals in the absorbent material of diapers, causing them to be absorbed through the skin when wet. A wet diaper will deliver a full dose in about 20 minutes; while perspiration can be enough to deliver a 1% dose overnight. Wipes and diapers with the same pattern print usually have the same combination of lysentripases.


I would appreciate it if anybody can help to fill in the rest of this table using the data from the story.

It seems that there also swim diapers with similar effects. The dosing and absorption on these have different effects, and they generally have mermaids on. We have little information on how they compare to the 'regular' versions.

Pattern Lysentripases Effects Other notes
Regular Swim diapers
Blocks Mermaids, flowers, and hearts STX+colacritel May inhibit long term memory; meaning that while under the full effect (up to thirty minutes), the baby can't access memories before they started lysentripase treatment. Includes a relatively high STX dose
Butterfly Dancing mermaids
Dragons Mermaids and Nessie LVX+metaxeprine Numbing effects; may cause messing. However, this is less well absorbed, so it often only effective if combined with the supplied rash ointment, which must be applied close to the relevant muscles The print includes a pattern of Chinese dragons; the swim version actually has the Loch Ness Monster, but it looks a lot like the dragons
Forecast N/A moderate dose LVX/STX/others A pack includes a selection of different medications, making it semi-random. One of them mixes STX with a mild hallucinogen Has a print of a teddy or bunny doing a weather forecast; different symbols appear for the wetness indicator. The idea is that this can make accidents exciting and fun for a subject who is regressed far enough. Not confirmed whether the random symbols and random medications are correlated.
Octopus Mermaids riding octopussies LVX Increases chance of bedwetting
Orchid Mermaids shopping LVX + LVX2 + oran More potent wetting. Causes the subject to not feel sensations from their bladder for some time after exposure, with muscle weakness kicking in as the sensation returns. A girl treated with 2 or 3 Orchid wipes after a few months in other LVX diapers will usually feel the need to pee come on suddenly about an hour later, and then lose control within a few minutes. These ones don't build up a background dose; so the diapers are limited to causing a second accident an hour or two after a first, which isn't particularly popular.
Pony Mermaids and unicorns
Princess Retro-style mermaid print STX-e Light-headedness, and a desire for physical contact. One of the few lysentripase variants which doesn't require female puberty hormones to catalyse the side effects
Rainbow Mermaids herding fish "pure" LVX The label indicated "pure" as a way to highlight the difference from Unicorns
Star Mermaids and dolphins STX+LVX2 Light-headedness, increased suggestibility, High chance of bedwetting, potential to cause day time accidents after prolonged use The wipes cause daytime accidents within 30-90 minutes after use
Teddy Flying fish STX2
Unicorn Mermaids singing LVX + Carmaxidrene Increases chance of bedwetting, and inhibits critical thinking when wet. The label on these says they contain LVX. As carm has no legitimate medical reasons for inclusion, it isn't advertised. Babij lets potential customers know that unicorns contain carm by mentioning the lack of carm as a selling point on Unicorns