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A weird little thing in popular culture; a creature depicted as a squid-like creature with cat ears and mouth.

They were originally created in 1999 for a Korean advertising campaign, which was largely forgotten. However, when a couple of the ads were shared online 4 or 5 years later, several artists in the furry community created 'octopussy' characters. This trend simmered away in the background, but the same species design has trended a few times on social media, and almost everybody will have seen an octopussy before. A few companies make pencil cases, rulers, and similar depicting the creatures; usually supermarket brands and similar who believe the design to be in the public domain. When they're trending, it allows those manufacturers to sell something that looks like a fashionable brand without actually acquiring rights to it. They have even made cameos in a couple of animated series; and are used in a print by Babij diapers.

The original creature has 10 or 12 'arms'. The version popularised by the furry community most often has 8 (hence the almost-universally-adopted name), and often also has whiskers added. Nobody seems to know what the original ads were for; the company responsible declared bankruptcy 2 years later, and the surviving original media is just screenshots or short GIFs.