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Cain Gordon

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A character in the story The Littlest Intern.

Cain is a successful employee of SYL, where he tentatively tries to start a relationship with Belle Carter before learning about her interest in age regression. Eventually he encourages her to write some stories about her fantasies, which leads to popular serial The Baby Button.

He later makes a guest appearance in the epilogue of My Cousin's Keeper; and is briefly mentioned as Elspeth's father in A Dose of Humiliation.

Other details

These are details mentioned in The Littlest Intern which I've not written up in full. Would appreciate any help giving some structure to this page; I'm just listing them like this so I don't accidentally contradict myself -- —Angel (Author talk) 08:54, 18 September 2023 (UTC)

  • Green hair
  • Likes good coffee
    • one of his favourites is "high-roast Javan robusta" from a shop called Beanjuice, of which he keeps a small bag in the office to reward himself after large successes. He shares with his team, but hasn't talked to them about the coffee.
  • Music tastes: Punk, thrash/speed metal
  • Does chores as soon as they're needed; doesn't like letting work build up
    • Same attitude to his job; this might be why he made the cut for the Upper Ashfields project
    • Fastidious and careful; will probably make him a good Daddy
  • In school, most of his textbooks/equipment were hand-me-downs from his big brother, who he liked