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A Dose of Humiliation

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A Dose of Humiliation is a story which Kitty Angel started writing for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2022.


  • Lorna Peen - narrator and main character, who is given an infantilising injections
    • Marcie Miller - Lorna's friend with excessive, overbearing parents
    • Elspeth Gordon - Lorna's friend and Marcie's gf. Tends to go off the deep end when something makes her angry. Wants to study molecular biology in college
    • Jodie - Lorna's friend
    • Nikki - Lorna's friend
      • Lance - Nikki's boyfriend
    • Serena Tong - older girl who befriended Elspeth in order to get close to Marcie because she has an obsessive fascination with the punishment pill and loves talking to people about their experiences
      • Alyn - Serena's lawyer. Works for a really prestigious firm, but has a 'priority retainer' to ensure that Serena can set up a meeting with him within 24 hours whenever she needs legal advice
  • Andy Becker - A local pharmacist who hates Lorna
    • Todd Becker - A school bully who Lorna managed to outwit
      • Nate Rivera - Not one of Todd's gang, but on the football team with him. Kind of looks up to Todd. Terrible gossip.
      • Clint Walsh - at school with Lorna; from Barbados originally, still has an accent, but his family have moved all over the world. Was beaten up by Todd's gang but won't give up on his dream to be a skateboarder. Uses his brother's board, which was a gift and has some emotional significance.
        • Alex - Clint's brother
  • Mrs Yuan - Owns a hat/accessory shop, "The Hat Trick". In the mall one level below Becker's pharmacy, just visible across the atrium. Several of her former assistants now run branches in other nearby towns.
  • Lin Parker - Fairly rich kid, family has a big house with a pool on the edge of town. Two maids. Threw a party on Monday night.
    • Josh Eversen - Tanned boy from Lin's party. Lorna's struggling to resist hormones around him. Pretty good on a skateboard; drives a sportscar, but nothing like Serena's status symbol.
      • Garth Wenkler - One of Josh's friends; family runs a liquor wholesale company, so he brings the booze
      • Ste - One of Josh's friends. Has access to Skim.
      • Mitch Rivera - One of Josh's friends. Has a pleasant tenor voice but his laugh could be taken for a girl. Nate's big brother.

Lorna's parents are John and Marsha, and she has a little brother called Walt.

Punishment Pill

There are 23 possible "doses" available, each of which is designed to humiliate the patient in a different way. They have a basic effect, as well as additional effects which can be added by giving the patient an 'intensity booster' shot. Intensity boosters can usually be stacked, making the same effect more intense. there is also an 'overloaded booster' effect, which is caused by giving an intensity booster while an existing booster (of any kind) is still acting on the body. By law, parents are required to keep track and leave 6 hours between boosters. These effects are also seen as the "final form" of a dose after repeatedly adding intensity boosters

Ones mentioned so far include:

Dose name Normal effect Intensifier effect Overloaded boosters
Antidex Reduces coordination, requiring concentration to type Even harder to type, and increases clumsiness. Balance may be impaired after multiple boosters Can only handle objects by grasping; probably unable to walk or stand without help
Diffusion Evolves nitrogen gas in the large intestine, causing frequent bloating and flatulence Patient must pass gas more often, and may smell worse. In some patients may cause occasional diarrhea and nausea, and may sometimes cause accidents near-constant involuntary flatulence and spontaneous (usually once or twice daily) incontinence
Floodgate Causes sporadic bedwetting Progressively weakens pelvic floor muscles, making accidents more likely with a full bladder Complete loss of bladder control
Goodnight A punishment for kids who persistently stay out late. Enhances the response to certain hormones, making the subject irritable and slightly irrational when they start to get tired; and making it harder for them to stay awake in a comfortable situation (getting this one may automatically suspend your drivers license) Reduces the tiredness threshold before the effect kicks in, as well as making irritability harder to control No more sneaking out at night for these kids; the slightest hint of tiredness makes them angry and completely irrational, until they lie down in bed or sit in a comfortable chair, and then immediately fall asleep. Once sleeping, they're unlikely to wake until physically disturbed, so alarms are likely to be ineffective
Innocent Reduces arousal and sexual stimulation; only available for kids who are being punished for something explicit Increased reduction in arousal; inhibits certain hormones (may delay puberty). After any booster, is likely to cause impotence in boys Complete lack of arousal or sexual pleasure. Treated very carefully as these effects can become permenant
Loquaciousness Causes a lisp, which may make you hard to understand for some people Less control of tongue and vocal folds; a growing speech impediment. For an hour or so after the booster, subjects may be unable to speak at all, but they can usually learn to be understood again with some effort Unable to speak except in baby talk. Muscle interference changes randomly so there's no way to adapt to it
Overload All emotions become more intense, and harder to control. Violent urges may be excluded Massive decreases in self-control; the subject is easily overwhelmed by feelings, and may end up hiding or crying at the smallest stimulation Subject is easily startled, and will cry like a baby or briefly lose motor control at the slightest fear or surprise
PearShape Causes lethargy, weight gain, and changes body fat distribution to make it more obvious increased weight, decreased energy, increased perspiration Uncontrolled weight gain, loss of muscle tone
SkinDeep Causes acne and itching Spreads to more parts of the body; for some subjects can mutate into an eczema-like rash whole body covered with acne
Sux2B Causes mild oral fixation; patients may start to feel uncomfortable without something in their mouth, and unconsciously start sucking or chewing on anything that comes to hand Harder to avoid sucking things; sucking anything placed near your mouth is almost a compulsion Extreme discomfort from the mouth being empty; unable to resist sucking whatever comes to hand. Often causes involuntary thumb sucking
TrustLevel Makes the subject less critical, likely to believe whatever they are told. An easy target for practical jokes, and less capable of sustaining the parallel trains of thought necessary to lie effectively Subject becomes more gullible, and finds it extremely difficult to judge if a story is believable or not Subject is incapable of lying, and will believe anything they are told unless it directly contradicts something they already know
VaporWork Affects the combination of senses linked to short-term memory. A subject's teachers should all give approval before giving this dose, in order to avoid disruption to schoolwork. There are a couple of variations which affect retention in different ways. Generally, teachers should present information in writing, images, and speech; ensuring that lessons are still retained. But anything that arrives only through one sense, such as audible or text conversations, is more likely to be forgotten. This can be adjusted as to which single sense it impacts. Subject's recall of single-sense learning fades dramatically; meaning that they will often completely forget conversations with friends. Each booster increases the chance of forgetting, and reduces the time it will remain in their working memory Subject is completely incapable of remembering anything they hear for longer that two minutes unless they both hear and read it. This effectively prevents them doing any activity other than schoolwork effectively; and so extreme caution should be used with boosters.

I'll add others when I have time. There are 12 here, and I think Serena said there are 23 available. So any ideas for the other 11 would be appreciated; I'd like to have them on the list, even if they're not used in the story.