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A Dose of Humiliation/Elspeth Gordon

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A minor character in A Dose of Humiliation, and the girlfriend of Marcie. Elspeth intends to study molecular biology at university, and became interested in the science behind the Punishment Pill after Marcie (and later Lorna) was dosed with it.

She is pretty liberal in all her views, something that she picked up from her parents. However, her own preferences are pretty mundane – she knows that the world of kink exists for adults, but has no interest in exploring it. Similarly, her parents have let her know that if she wants to experiment with drugs, they have reputable suppliers who can get just about anything and guarantee that it's as safe as it can be; she only needs to demonstrate that she is mature enough to try it responsibly. But she's decided that she has no real interest in narcotics; it just isn't something that interests her. She experimented with poly dating in high school, and realised that it isn't for her.

She sometimes has problems with her temper – once she gets angry about something, which takes quite a long time, she becomes unreasonable and won't accept evidence that contradicts her position. This has come between her and Marcie a few times in the past, and she always regrets it. She'll get mad over something, always aggressive and sometimes even violent, and can't control herself even if she knows she is being irrational or jumping to conclusions.

Not (yet?) mentioned in ADoH, her parents may be Cain and Belle Gordon.