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The Baby Button

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A story, serialised on a couple of websites. It is an ABDL-themed story, mentioned in My Cousin's Keeper because Gabby is reading it.

The story deals with a character who has magical 'buttons' on her body as part of a curse. They look like tattoos, showing a series of emoji (including a raincloud, pacifier, and fairy). But when those buttons are pressed, they take control of her body and make her do something as if she were a puppet. There is one that makes her speak in baby talk.

It is written by Belle Carter, who posts on Fetish Library under the pen name The Author's Little Sister. At one point she was posting every Wednesday and Saturday, and started to build up a regular following. She didn't quite know how to deal with the fame, and spent a lot of time at work answering forum posts and similar. She decided that as she was now popular, she should be "professional" too, and started printing out her chapters to proofread them before publishing. When she used the work printer (because hers at home had a problem), she had no problems until one day a copy of the story vanished. She confided in Vicky Bracewell, who told her not to worry because someone had probably picked it up by accident. However, she became stressed and lost the motivation for writing, so the posts dropped in frequency. This was eventually resolved when the person who swiped the pages (Gabby) was identified by Vicky. Belle never learned who it was, but she knew they had been warned off. The story is now posted once or twice a week, but without any of the previous regularity, and it might seem that the author is less of a perfectionist with her proofreading.

It seems that by the time of the Plot Babies idea Character Development, Belle has finished writing the story and is finding new friends on a writing group to give a more professional critique. She (or maybe Cain) ends up playing a hypnotic game with other authors including Meredith, where they are hypnotised and conditioned to feel the emotions of the characters as they read each other's stories, and to act out the scenes as far as it is safe to do so. Meredith wasn't expecting it to work like this, but she may discover an interest she never knew about.


  • The main character (Kyrie) is a first person narrator; most readers (including Gabby) don't remember her name.
  • Her "crush" is Leo; she has real feelings for him, but pushed him away by not having the courage to talk to him about her problems
  • Leo has a wedding with "narcissistic manipulator" Kloe. Fans were expecting the main character to stop this by telling Leo how she really felt; but he gave an ultimatum demanding the truth, and she couldn't comply because somebody hit her "baby talk" button.