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My Cousin's Keeper/Gabby Noel

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Gabby is the POV character in My Cousin's Keeper, and the stealth antagonist of The Last New Start, both written during NaNoWriMo 2021.

She lives in Palmerston, but works in Upper Ashfields for the new advertising and social media management arm of SYL.


  • Had a Chinese penfriend while in school, who sent her a Captain Kairo collectible figure, and got her into the show.
  • Her FriendSpace page is, by her own admission, a mess of reshared cat videos and dumb maths jokes.
    • Except a few months back, when she was fishing for any friends into mdlg, resharing articles asking if it's real in the hope she'd get an answer
  • A coworker gave her a bottle of sake on coming back from a holiday; but she seems to have misplaced it
  • Had a scary ex named Kieran in high school; the last male she ever trusted. He had recently graduated, and knew how to manipulate more innocent girls to get sex. Spike reminds her of him, although it's not clear if they look alike or it's just because he's an older-looking guy next to Tess.
  • Is currently reading a couple of ABDL fics online, including The Baby Button and Mommy's Little Devil.
  • Has a larger cubicle at work that she thinks of as her 'office'. The coffee machine is right outside, so she hears a lot of office gossip


Tess remembers the young Gabby as an outgoing teenager who was a lot of fun, with multiple T-shirts decorated with glitter, a lime-green streak in her hair, and a room practically wallpapered with Paramore posters.

Dressed for work, she usually wear what Tess thinks of as business casual. She has a knee-length skirt and matching jacket, and usually has her hair in a tight bun which shows off a lighter streak in her hair, coming back from her right temple. Sometimes she puts a temporary dye on the streak if she wants to stand out a bit more, but never when she's working.

Little Outfit

Gabby doesn't voluntarily do 'little', but when playing the role for Tess's first experience she wears 'distressed' jeans that were really just worn, and a Paramore T-shirt. She also had zebra-print knee socks and Converse shoes.



  • Has been hypnotised by Ffrances many times, mostly for fun single-session things. It's something they play with, but not a major part of their dynamic.
  • When Ffrances puts a finger on Gabby's forehead, she has to obey any instructions she's given, and she can't interrupt. If Ffrances isn't actually talking to her, she just blanks out and misses the whole conversation. She's aware of these instructions.
  • The forehead trigger can be used with simple triggers "sleep and dream" to make her completely zone out and not remember anything, or "deep now" for a quick trance (although it's pretty light unless used with a deepener)
  • Set in chapter 34 (ish): If she dresses or acts like a child, then it will be more natural to accept other people treating her like a child. It won't upset her, and will make her more likely to go along with what 'adults' say.


Moved to Gabby's house.