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Captain Kairo

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An anime series (Canadian/Japanese coproduction) that Gabby was a fan of when younger. It had a worldwide release, but was never really promoted and only got 4 seasons because it was unexpectedly popular in China. The last 2 seasons were produced exclusively for the Chinese market.

The main character has purple hair and a jacket made of sequins with huge shoulder pads; it has been said that he looks like he stepped straight out of the 1980s. Gabby had multiple posters of him in her room, and used to have a collectible figurine that was unfortunately broken.

The show seems to have a good balance of comedy (slapstick violence parodying superhero shows, fourth wall shenanigans, and outright parody of different cultural trends) and drama (one really serious moment is when Valkyrie's dog dies, which is all the more impactful because it's played completely straight).

Now it's available on a streaming service, but the versions of the first season are for some reason a Korean dub with English, Russian, Chinese, or French subtitles. Gabby doesn't know about season 4 at all, because that came after she saw the original, and no translation was licensed until much more recently.

One of the other characters named is Wide Joe.