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Mommy's Little Devil

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A serial posted on Fetish Library, which Gabby is reading in My Cousin's Keeper. She doesn't always keep up with new posts, but will read all the recent updates when she has free time. As of chapter 62, Gabby now seems to have made this story her favourite, and usually ready new updates when they come out, which has recently standardised on being every Monday.

The story is about a college girl who is forced to be a 'baby' for her bully. She can't stop her own regression, and can't effectively fight it, so decides that the best way to turn the situation to her advantage is to become the most evil brat possible. She has to act like a baby, and can't fight that, but she can choose to act like a really badly behaved baby, throwing tantrums and making life difficult.

Some fans were lost when the story abandoned all realism. Because she's been forced into babyhood by the bully making a deal with the devil, every time she is 'bad' our heroine can tap into a small amount of the powers of hell. The worse she is, the more fate seems to bend to her will. And if she can break the bully by sheer malicious compliance, she stands a chance of becoming a demon duke of ddlg; basically having magical power over any selfish or 'evil' use of the dynamic.

The story is ongoing, so it's not clear if she'll ever manage this or not. However, she's also starting up a romantic sideplot with Azazethoth, demon prince of schadenfreude. So it's not really clear what path the story is going to take.