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A post-rock band, who started out playing something close to symphonic metal, but later evolved towards a more folk-punk style as six different lead vocalists all wanted to compose their own songs and leave their own mark on the band.


I've used an AI tool to create images to give a vague idea of what Thunderpone covers look like; but I would appreciate if anyone could adapt these into actual album covers.



Their first real success; included the first chart success, the title track Without Dreams. This album seems to be a classic rock group trying something new, sometimes veering towards symphonic or power metal, while a few tracks have a clear psychadelic rock influence.

Bars and Silence

Thunderpone-Bars and Silence.jpg



One of their latest albums. This one doesn't show a title on the cover, only on the spine. This caused a number of people to misread the title as "Untitled", although some fans can be quite insistent about correcting the error, or look down on those who get it wrong.

The title track is about a former warhorse in a medieval era becoming disillusioned with his later career in jousting.