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Thrash metal band, whose current lineup includes Jack Sleight and Tomas Gattac. They are known for their chaotic structure; fans seeing them live take it for granted that they won't know who will be playing until the show starts. Past members sometimes return for live events, new people appear without fanfare, and most of them are capable of switching roles if someone doesn't feel like playing on the day (They tend to describe it as being completely unplanned, with the understanding that any member of the band, past or present, can choose to play or not to for any given event; although the more cynical fans believe that they do actually plan and rehearse each combination in advance). At one major concert, the lead singer announced his resignation and threw the mic to his replacement during the bridge of one of their most iconic songs; before the band finished the track with a completely new final verse.

Known Songs

  • Thrust
  • Panik Defenze (a very long track which alternates chaotic drum solos with an intense lyrical battle between Jack Sleight and Ruby Morgensdottir)
  • Cenotaph (a thunderous eulogy to all the hypothetical people who would have died in a nuclear war, and whose sacrifice convinced the nations of the world not to do that)