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Oswyn Bridger

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The main character in Unexpected Daddy, Oswyn has spent quite some time building a home automation system, and making it possible for the computer to hypnotise and regress her.

The system activates unexpectedly, casting burglar Alex in the role of "Daddy", and Oswyn finds herself unable to resist it for long enough to call the police. She stays as a baby for the remainder of the evening, while Alex does her best to look after her. when she signs her name, the tail of the 'y' turns into a little heart that is cute, and could have been really stylish if it was written by a six year old.


She was sitting there in a business suit, auburn hair pinned back in a tight bun. She looked every inch a professional, with clothes that didn’t invite any speculation about her personal life. But right now she was crying like a little kid, alternating wails and sobs as the tears streamed down red cheeks, and her trouser legs were soaked right down to her feet.
- Chapter 7


Oswyn's home in Abraham's Wood is a split-level house which she used to share with Kevin. Neighbours are the Matthessens at number 28, who have a truck and a couple of men in the family who are seen talking loudly about football in chapter 3.

She's almost the only person on her street who doesn't have children at home. The house is decorated in a fashionable style from five or six years before, everything done professionally, and is usually pretty clean. She has a complete set of games consoles under a giant TV in the lounge. There is a computer in every room, and most of the ground floor has polished hardwood floors. There are bookcases around the house, especially a large number in the lounge, but they are all filled with books rather than music or video. She has an impressive collection of O'Reilly books for reference, one on almost every shelf in the house. They have a lot of other electronics, which could be hifi or home theatre gear among other things, but it's all obscure brands that most people won't have heard of, niche items that won't be any use to most people, and items that have been heavily modified from their original purpose.

On the front of the kitchen fridge is a note, saying that it might be important if Oswyn is incapaciitated, or if police or anyone is called to the house unexpectedly. The note lists a couple of minor medical conditions, as well as things like birth marks that a paramedic might be worried by but had already been checked out. It mentions her partner as well, although his name is crossed out to the point of complete illegibility. The note mentions fantasies for hypnotic regression, as well as the coffee machine which has been modified to dispense some suggestibility-enhancing drugs. It describes which drawer to find the hazard sheets for the drugs in as well.

She has a dedicated nursery, separate from her adult bedroom. All the furniture in there is pink. There is a changing table and a crib in there. There is a computer screen on the wall near the door, as well as a tablet on the inside of the closet door which has a dedicated app to keep track of what clothes are available (complete with RFID on the hangers so it knows what she's wearing). There is also a projector on the top of a mobile which hangs over the crib, so it can display spirals on the ceiling above the mobile.

Her soft toys include "a little catsnake and a fuzzy blue donkey" (chapter 19)


Lancelot is Oswyn's home automation system. She has spent almost three years building it from scratch at the time of Unexpected Daddy. Lancelot is based heavily on her work on Gawain, an AI voice-control and security system she developed while working for SYL. A lot of her work later went into the language models of a smart-home AI known as Percival (Percy).


Kevin was Oswyn's boyfriend, who wanted to be her Daddy as much as she wanted to be a helpless baby. But he didn't have the patience; he wanted to be daddy when they moved in together, while she devoted every spare moment to upgrading and improving the regression system. After a couple of years, he became too impatient and left to find another little. Before he left he saw the plans, a few tests of the spirals and subliminals, and a first prototype of the modifications to the coffee machine.


Oswyn appears in The Littlest Intern, which seems to take place around six months after she moved in with Kevin.