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Unexpected Daddy/Alex

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A main character in Unexpected Daddy. Alex is an average woman who has been forced close to poverty by "bad luck, greedy relatives, a psychotic ex, a gold digging lawyer-in-law, and the general ineptitude of the government agencies charged with providing a nightmare of red tape to those in dire straits" and has turned to theft in order to support her little sister, Hannah.

She breaks into the house of Oswyn, where the home automation system incorrectly identifies her as "Daddy". She then plays the role to the best of her ability, hoping that she will be able to find some way to disable the system or to delete any footage from the house cameras to remove evidence of her identity. She is reluctant to leave the regressed Oswyn alone once she realises how babyish she is acting; she knows it is weird, but she can't bring herself to leave a baby alone even if she's not really a baby.

Alex is a woman, but is wearing a heavy jacket so Oswyn doesn't initially notice, and for most of the book Oswyn is regressed too deeply and simply follows the instructions when she is trained to see Alex as Daddy. At the end, when the regression finishes, they are both quite embarrassed by this.


  • Hannah is her little sister, very mature for her age
  • Maria Schellenbach is their neighbour, first mentioned in the context of a house fire in chapter 18