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Unexpected Daddy

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Oswyn spent some time with her then-partner upgrading their home automation and smart assistant system so that it could turn her into a baby. It includes spirals, hypnotic triggers, and even drugs which can be dispensed by the automated coffee machine. However, by the time the system was finished they had broken up so she had no Daddy to test it with.

One day her house was broken into by Alex, turning to burglary in desperation to feed her little sister. And due to a glitch in the system, she is identified as a possible 'Daddy', meaning that Oswyn's attempts to call the police are interrupted by flashing lights and spirals on the TV that see her wetting herself and mentally regressing before she can work out how to turn the system off. For tonight at least, Alex is forced to play Daddy in the hope of not getting into any more trouble. But what will happen when the scene the computer has chosen wears off?