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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Hypnotized+

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An e-book by Metamorpheus, mentioned in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!. It is read by Britney in that story. It is available on the same (unnamed) site where Adi had previously found and reviewed a number of hypnosis files. Britney recommends that Adi read it in chapter 32.

The book is the first in a tetralogy about a girl who is tormented by an evil hypnotist. She is given a wide range of different triggers, from common words to ringing bells, and struggles to hide this stuff from all of her friends until she can find some way to fight back.

The series is described by many fans as being incredibly accurate with regard to the methods and limitations of the hypnosis used. This is why Britney recommends it to Adi, saying that some of the resistance techniques used in the story could be applicable in real life. Among the commenters on this book is Lady Larsen.

The books in the series are Hypnotized+, Altered+, Humiliated+, and the slightly different Un-Potty-Train Me.