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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Garfield Oswald Spenser

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Garfield Oswald ("Garf") Spenser. Adi's brother in Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!. Middle name mentioned in chapter 423.

He's several years younger than Adi, and a lot more social, though a bit of a geek. Into video games (he's looking forward to the release of War of Aegis: Infinite Praxis and complains that his 6-month-old laptop doesn't have the specs to play the demo) and trading card games (he plays one called Bonsai!. The boosters are bright green and yellow foil)

He likes to go on holiday with his dad, but dreads the prospect of actually living with the guy. Can't stop rebelling. Wants to be a hacker, or a social engineer. Loves being able to manipulate people. He torments Adi with stupid little pranks, but always behaves or makes himself out to be the victim when Mom is around.

Recently been watching videos online about physical security. Started doing escape rooms with a couple of his friends, and taught himself to pick locks with online videos. Tried using this trick to get into Adi's room just to wind her up, but got caught and had his computer privileges taken away.

In the past, he's written slashfic pairing Tyler Walthamstone (teen heartthrob and the lead character of some vampire movie) with his school friend Jack Dibble. He now finds this very embarrassing, and dreads Jack ever finding out. Later in the story, he and Jack seem to be dating. He doesn't want his friends to find out, and acts a little more cautiously. Then when he realises he has something important that he doesn't want to lose, he starts to turn his life around a little. He's still a jerk with little respect for laws or other people; but he's no longer actively malicious.