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Condescillía Angelina Von Falkenstein

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A supporting character in The Dare that Changed my Life, although her first appearance was a brief mention in chapter 16 of Over Protected.

Known to friends and family as Cody. Online she is @copespike69 (XV and Clatter), Mx Cody (FriendSpace; username @condescilliaAA) or Momma Cody (Mothers’ Hub; username %CopeSpike - the % indicates that she is a 'Team Mom' moderator)

Studied biochemistry at Tokyo University. She is naturally young-looking; when first introduced she was 23, but could easily pass for 16. In high school, she hated the fact that she could only buy clothes from ranges aimed at younger children because of her size, but in her final year she started to actually like the fashions, and now consciously dresses younger. This exacerbates the problem of people taking her for a child, but she quite enjoys seeing people's shock when she shows her passport.