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Bubble Hunt Magnate

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A popular mobile game, often played by characters who are killing time. It's played by Tess in The Last New Start, Iriña in Younger Than You Think?, and Adrica in Potty Genius.

Gameplay involves matching colours, and the objectives are usually to remove a certain number of bubbles of a specific colour. The player can click on an adjacent group of 3+ objects of the same colour. Bubbles disappear, while other object types react in different ways; unlike most colour matching games, the matched objects can be of any type. If a move results in 5+ objects of any colour landing in a consecutive straight line, they will activate immediately, and there is a multiplier for each consecutive match made in this way. The algorithm never drops new bubbles in a place where this will result in them immediately disappearing.

The game has a 'world mode' where the player takes control of a company, with the explanation that 'bubble juice' is used to make their products. The number of bubbles collected (minus any required for level completion goals) turns into a 'profit' metric. The player can also adjust which products are made based on the colours of bubble juice available; and can sometimes spend quantities of juice and/or money to buy factory upgrades (more profit), increase juice storage, unlock new levels, or buy items which can be used for an in-game bonus.

Recently (as of Potty Genius) the app has started showing banners and offers promoting a new game from the same publisher, Candy Wizard Magnate; including the ability to start the newer game with in-game currency matching your balance in the original.