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Candy Wizard Magnate

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A mobile game, mentioned as a sequel to Bubble Hunt Magnate (kind of – different developers, but it was commissioned by the same publisher and reuses a lot of assets from BHM). So far no characters have been described as playing it, but Adrica has noted that she was getting annoyed by ads for it.

The game is mediocre, a new implementation of a mechanic that half of the top fifty games already use. It seems like it was designed by committee who were trying to tick boxes for popular features, rather than having a designer with any kind of vision for the product. As a result, there is little cohesion between the features, many of which render others completely redundant. The game hasn't been a commercial success, resulting in CWM and BHM both implementing limited interaction (being able to send in-game currency from one game to the other; or matching the balance you have on one game when you first install the other on the same account) in an attempt to get more people to try it.