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Big Little Bus/Emily Chattel

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The main character of Big Little Bus.

Full name: Emily Chattel. Nobody's called her that for most of her life; she usually goes by Emma. Home town is Wandsville.


23 years old, but barely looks it. Doesn't think of herself as 'hot', but can be cute (if she's not being so brash and assertive) 5'3" tall Dark green eyes, which her gloves/scarf/hat are about the same shade as.


In text messages, her theory seems to be that as long as they can understand it, it's fine. No punctuation and frequent missed letters. A message like "almos.I will b" is pretty typical.


A bit of a tomboy; she likes to be in control of her own life, and has always picked her clothes based on practicality rather than appearance. She's taken care of herself since she was quite young, and able to do all the usual adult things (cooking, working, managing finances, etc) but none of them particularly well. She gets by.

When she was young her parents instilled a love of travel in her. In the summer before she started at university she started backpacking across the country, and found that she always wanted to go one stop farther so took a year out and travelled half way around the world, working where necessary or doing voluntary work. Not scared of much, knows that she can take care of herself. A fairly rugged exterior.

Sexuality / Kinks

In university and a few years following she had a number of relationships, none of which lasted a year (double-check this with the text). She also experimented with casual sex to see if that was any easier. Eventually she gave up, concluding that sex is fun but too much effort. So she'll happily sleep with someone she trusts if they suggest it and she hasn't got anything better to do, but doesn't seek it out.

She initially started hanging around ABDL forums online out of a kind of curiosity; wondering what life would have been like if she'd been a typical daddy's girl instead of diving into every adventure and new experience. She didn't see it as a fetish, because she'd pretty much given up on seeing herself as a sexual being. She loved reading stories, and then met Rob in a chat room. He offered her a chance to come to meet some other littles in the real world. In the chat she led others to believe that she'd tried some of the things they discussed, rather than just reading about them, because she was embarrassed to feel like an outsider.


She's been listening to a couple of recordings made by Lady Maxime. The triggers (not all tested yet) include:

  • "Emily" - puts her straight into little space when she's referred to by that name
  • "Emmy" or "Baby Emmy" - a deeper little space, less submissive and more babyish
  • "Emma" - revert to her adult mind
  • Any trigger: When she is in little space, she doesn't consciously hear trigger phrases,m whether directed at her or not.
  • "tinkle tinkle time" (with her name before or after) - causes her to wet herself, if she's in a situation where she'd be comfortable with that
  • "naughty bum-bum time" - the messing trigger. Requires a name, as above
  • Using a childish potty makes her feel super proud of doing it herself, regardless of what age she's currently feeling
  • "good girls are naughty girls" - if in little space, gives her an urge to answer back, be cheeky, and be naughty for up to about an hour afterwards. Mentioned in chapter 33. Not clear if this one requires a name or not
  • 'Baby Brain' trigger explained in chapter 32. Works only once after listening to the file overnight.
  • There's a sleep trigger mentioned in chapter 33. Rob hasn't used it yet, but it's at the start of some of the files. Might have been used before the nap times in day 1, or before bed. Needs double-checking to make sure I haven't specified the words somewhere before I invent new ones.


  • Her Daddy, Rob, owns the Big Little Bus company, and paid for 90% of her holiday even though they weren't really a couple at that point (wanting to remain friends until they were sure they would get on as well in person as they did online)
  • Lives with her Mom, who is a little overprotective. (Mentioned "when my parents waved me off" in chapter 1; if it's explicitly stated later that she lives only with Mom, this might need changing)
  • Has cousins, who apparently have a ranch.
  • Grandma Walmsey, who knitted her a dark green hat, scarf, and gloves for Christmas 3 years before
  • Uncle Edmund, who Edmund is named after. Walks with a cane, and his arms and legs flail around as he walks, giving the impression that he's just barely held together with elastic. His ears look huge, which is more prominent since he lost his hair (chapter 4)