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Younger Than You Think

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Canonical title Younger Than You Think?; the full title isn't used in the article title because Mediawiki can be a bit awkward over question marks.


  • Iriña Blake - main character; she is almost six years old, but is a super-genius with adult-level mental and emotional development. She looks about three years old, so her intelligence often surprises people.

Forever Baby employees

  • Seamus Hārden - a guy who abducts Iriña
  • Mary - a woman who abducts Iriña
  • Lyle, AKA 'Doctor Pennington' - a teenager of unknown gender who accompanies Seamus and Mark when kidnapping Iriña
  • Sylvie Hārden - Seamus's wife, and an administrator and nurse at the Forever Baby Schoolroom.
  • Magdalene Lance - Maggie; Miss Magdalene. One of the Schoolroom's teachers, who is later regressed herself.