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Wild Child

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Wild Child is a story by Kitty Angel. It is currently being posted on Wattpad, with chapters at irregular intervals.

The story deals with Candice, who overindulges in all kinds of drink and drugs, and her fiancé Trevor, who is attempting to help her find a way to remain sober. At the start of the story, they obtain some of a new street drug known as Prime or juve, which is supposed to allow users to feel like they're young again; reliving the energy of their teens or early adulthood. However, when he realises that Candice won't stop taking drugs, he allows her to overdose and regress to being a small child, hoping that this will make it easier for her to learn.

Minor characters named:

  • Frank and Joel - Trev's friends (or friends of friends) who work in pharmacology and told him about the side effects of Prime