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The Baby Makers/Cass

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A little mentioned in The Baby Makers, who Stacie will meet later in the day. she is first mentioned in chapter 19, but isn't met until chapter 21.

She is in her late twenties, about average height, and has red-gold hair that almost reaches her waist, with rainbow flashes at the tips. When first seen she's wearing a dress like a christmas tree made of yellow lace, with more layers than anyone can count. She doesn't go for mental regression, but relies on hypnosis to give her confidence so she can enjoy playing the role more. She likes being embarrassed, but most of the time she will just shrink away from it and be frozen.


Cass is more into playing a role than mental regression. She retains her adult mind, but consciously chooses to act like a small child. For her, the company's hypnotic suggestions are more around helping her to involuntarily act childish and feel embarrassed (for which she has a couple of different triggers), as well as allowing her to be comfortable with the shame she enjoys so that it doesn't stop her playing. Triggers include:

  • Lisp (she has a strong lisp when Stacie first meets her; there's a trigger to end this effect in case the staff have trouble understanding her. May actually allow a choice of speech impediments)
  • Tickle (hearing the word "tickle" makes her giggle and feel like she's being tickled. "tickle tickle" is much more potent. If this is used persistently for a long time, or someone adds the word "tinkle", the tickling will make her pee)
  • Pottypants (makes her poop if she needs to go; the adults are nervous about testing this one as she's not sure she'll enjoy it)