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The Baby Makers

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Babymakers cover small.png
The Baby Makers is a story by Angel about Andromeda Anastasia Fairchild, visiting a country house run by a company known as Baby Makers Inc. Andromeda is a member of the Supreme Order, a secret society that regulates mind control and hypnosis around the world, by monitoring disturbances in the collective unconscious. They have sent Andromeda to check out Baby Makers because some kind of mind alteration is happening there, but they don't know what. She quickly comes to the conclusion that it's some kind of kinky members club for hypnosis fetishists, possibly specialising in forced impregnation. And, moderately confident that she knows it's no threat now, she decides to bluff that she's a new customer recommended by a friend, and see what it's like for a day. She is very surprised to be hypnotised and turned into a baby, but eventually she's happy.


  • Andromeda Anastasia Fairchild (Ana/Stacie) - a member of the Supreme Order
  • Carl - the first staff member Ana encounters; a janitor/groundsman who has also been a client in the past
  • Phil - a member of staff, and Stacie's caregiver during her visit
  • Cass - another newcomer, and the first other client Ana meets
  • Mama Natalye - member of staff, Cass's caregiver for the day