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The Baby Makers/Andromeda Anastasia Fairchild

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The main character of the story the Baby Makers, and an agent of the Order of Supremacy. Angel considered writing a few stories including Ana or the Order, but so far there's only one out there.

As an initiate of the Order, Ana is able to sense and reject any kind of mind control or mental influence; whether through drugs, magic, telepathy, or hypnosis. These powers are made possible by a direct bond with the collective unconscious. She is also able to sense the use of mind-altering powers around her by the fluctuations in the collective; and is sometimes sent on missions to investigate something which could have an impact on the collective. This is how she ended up visiting The Baby Makers Inc.

She is small and weak, and less skilled as a fighter than most of her comrades, but never lets that make her feel inferior. She knows that she is capable of taking care of herself thanks to her quick thinking, intuition, incredible general knowledge, and genius-level understanding of tactics.

She also considers herself to be mostly immune to embarrassment, having grown up with parents more embarrassing than most, and a name she dislikes. She normally goes by Ana, and will only put her full name on official forms (sometimes omitting her first name if she thinks she can get away with it).


Her initial outfit isn't described, but Phil says something about looking like an office lady before she changes.

Her first 'little' outfit is a black T-shirt covered with reflective silver stars and glitter spelling out 'Sweet Super Star', that comes with a pair of shiny silver-grey leggings with black stars. The fabric is really soft, like wearing a blanket. With that she has bright orange panties with a pattern of tiny cartoon cake slices. She gets socks in the same colour, with a slice of cake on the bottom of one foot and a trifle on the other.


In The Baby Makers, she is hypnotised and regressed. She adopts a small child persona, and the baby name "Stacie". There are a couple of smaller triggers to help this along (although these will all be cleared at noon the following day):

  • The primary effect is that when she's told she will do something childish "when you are younger", she will immediately feel herself shrinking, feel giggly, and whatever they described will happen. This was used to create most of the other triggers.
  • The scent of roses fills her head with a happy pink mist, making her giggly so she doesn't think so much
  • Hearing her baby name reminds her how young she is, and makes her feel happy and content, as well as making the regression seem more real
  • Being called a "good girl" gives her an incredible feeling of pride, so that whatever she did to earn it, she will be more inclined to do it again
  • If someone tells her to do something using adult words she doesn't understand, she will let the instruction go straight over her head but will also obey without thinking