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Sparkling Thunder Presence

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A TV show mentioned extensively in A Little Break. It has several spin-off series, as well as comic books and video games, aimed at a wide range of ages. There are often several plots running in parallel in the episodes, with the expectation that viewers will only notice the stuff appropriate for their age. Mentioned in Trusting the Babysitter is a later reboot, Sparkling Thunder Presence: Redux, which is intended for older viewers; the main differences being that they no longer avoid showing character injuries and bad language.

The title is the name of a pop group, who have their own submersible yacht and gain certain powers from alien ghosts in order to fight evil. At some point there are romance plots, but they are often presented in such a way that kids too young to enjoy them will completely fail to notice all the nuances.

There is a lot more detail in A Little Break, but I haven't had chance to copy it all here yet. Any help with that would be much appreciated.

Redux is mentioned as being on Netflix during My Sister's Problem. Chapter 3 quotes some lyrics from an STP song, Roar Like a Lion. Redux always has a major plot twist in the episode that introduces a new song; in this case an explosion which seriously injures Sandi (who is singing a duet with her sister), and the sudden appearance of the Dragon King in the aftermath. No idea how much of this story matches with the original series.