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Trusting the Babysitter

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Trusting the Babysitter is a story that Angel started writing for Camp NaNoWriMo in April 2021.

It is possibly the start of a trilogy, followed by Testing the Babysitter and Treating the Babysitter (the third part isn't written yet, but is in the Plot Babies collection of ideas).

The story is primarily told from the perspective of Adam Exley, a young man who has recently finished high school and will probably be going to college when he gets his exam results. the story takes place over a single day, while Adam has been hired for a babysitting job by Mrs Cartwright. The job pays very well, as numerous other babysitters have taken care of Mrs Cartwright's younger daughter (Lorelei) once and then stopped answering her calls. They also spread horror stories about how Lorelei is some kind of demon child, but the rumours don't go into any kind of detail. Adam is happy to be looking after Lorelei; partly because he thinks he can make a lot of money, but also because he expects to call on Lorelei's big sister, Claudia, if he needs any assistance. Claudia is a cool and aloof girl who everybody at their school wants to know better; and has turned down several very popular boys who wanted to ask her to the Graduation Dance.

Mrs Cartwright says she didn't ask Claudia to look after her sister because she is going to a school volleyball game; although Adam suspected this wasn't true. When Claudia comes home, it is revealed that she is a serious gamer who plays War of Aegis; serious enough to buy cloth patch versions of her achievement badges, which decorate her bag. Adam deduced that as she has platinum rankings for all the time-limited events and tournaments in the last year, she would do her best to ensure she spent the whole afternoon alone in her room, so she could do the same this time.

After a few minutes, it is revealed that the cupcaked Mrs Cartwright gave them contain a rare drug, St Jeremy's Root, which apparently makes people unable to disobey orders. Lorelei has apparently figured this out. After tricking Claudia into eating her cupcake as a peace offering, she orders her big sister to wet her pants, and then forces Adam to treat her like a baby, teasing her for the rest of the day.

Minor Characters

  • Lance Bozefield. Former babysitter; Claudia almost considered dating him, but he wouldn't talk to her again after his babysitting experience. She doesn't know why.
  • Troy Gillick. Former babysitter, 2 years ago. Proved useless when Lorelei wet herself, and Claudia had to clean up after her.
  • John Burbage and Jordyn Clark. Former babysitters. No details given, but Adam thinks they were scared of returning. Possibly responsible for the 'demon child' rumours.