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Formerly Lyrical Oddity, then Debased Rhapsody, then Lyrical Rhapsoddity. The name has changed a couple of times since, but all their fans (and most of the music press) just refer to them as Rhapsoddity.

An a cappella musical group who have had variously two or three members over the last twelve years, frequently changing members. They have always had at least one member who is a music student or tutor at Moistville University; and recording and mixing their albums is usually a project for music theory students (who appreciate the chance to work on a real project, and often lend their own styles and influences to the album). Although Rhapsoddity have had some success and are quite well known, the band has always been a labour of love, and they see it as a duty to encourage young people who have a real love for music. They play a lot of charity events, show up at local festivals, and have been known to perform to draw public attention to struggling bars in their town, but have never had real fame.

A couple of past members have found fame with other bands; such as founder Tomas Gattac, who was the first to leave when he joined Franklin's Muse, metal-operatic vocalist Ruby Morgensdottir, and Audrey Papburn.