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Padded Metal Jacket

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An anime series that some characters in The Dare that Changed my Life watched a few years ago.

The main character is a genetically-engineered teenage psychic supersoldier. He grows up isolated from humanity, and periodically gets strapped into an 'armour unit' (walking tank). The unit is controlled by its own tactical AI, merged with the pilot's subconscious mind, so he finds himself running across the desert hunting militants, until he begins to experience severe PTSD, and eventually becomes detached from reality. The authorities don't care, though. They keep him in a padded cell between missions now, and his subconscious is still fine. Until he discovers a kind of meditation that lets him take control of his subconscious mind, reverses the connection so he can give orders to the unit AI rather than being used by it, and escapes. Now he wants to make himself a new identity and go to a normal high school. But fitting into normal life is hard, when he knows almost nothing about it. And when he's spent his whole life with people divided into "superiors", "hostiles", and "noncoms", now it seems he's the only person in school who doesn't know the difference between "boys" and "girls" and how he's supposed to interact with them.