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Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!/Surprise Me Please

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Surprise Me Please is an in-universe book written on his blog by Oneiros Jones. The blog is hosted on the same site that Adi gets her hypnosis files from. It is mentioned by Britney in chapter 32 of Hypnosis Doesn't Work Like That!.

The blog is a record of the experiences of someone who used hypnosis files voted for on his blog. He accepted suggestions from any reader, and would listen to each file for a week whether he liked the idea or not. Some files he wanted to experience, some he resisted, and some were more effective than others. There is some debate about how accurate this "diary" was.

Britney recommended it to Adi, saying that although there's a lot of chaff, the comments on how to cope with difficult files might contain some useful advice for her problem.